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About Bullion

Find out why gold and silver have been one of the best performing asset classes of the past decade and why they will continue to provide a source of financial stability during times of economic turmoil.

By the numbers

79 - The atomic number of gold, designating the number of protons found in each atom.

50 - The number of miles of wire an ounce of gold can be stretched in to. The resulting wire would only be 5 microns in diameter.

9 - The number of square meters one ounce of gold can be hammered in to.

1,064 - The melting point of gold in degrees centigrade.

165,000 - The total number of tons of gold mined in human history.

8,000 - The number of cubic meters that gold would occupy.

100 - The amount of people, in millions, who depend on gold for their livelihood.

31.103 - The number of grams in a troy ounce.

60 - The percent of gold mined each year that becomes jewelry.

2,316 - The number of gold ounces contained in the largest nugget ever found. It was found in Australia and dubbed the “Welcome Stranger”.

35 - The number of times gold set all-time highs in 2010.

Why Bullion?

What would you rather have stored in a vault for the next 10 years, an ounce of gold or $1,400?

Real money holds its value over long periods of time, this was already known during Aristotle’s time. As dollars get continuously printed and debased (reflected in higher prices of everything) it becomes harder and harder to store your wealth reliably. Back in Aristotle’s day, he would be able to buy a fine set of gentleman’s clothing for about 1oz of gold. Today that same ounce will buy a nice suit, shirt, shoes and belt. When Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation sent the economy in to ruin, 0.1g of gold (roughly $3) was used to buy a loaf of bread. In Canada, the dollar lost 25% of its value during the first decade of the new millennium, while gold gained 400% in value.

The demand for gold is rapidly rising. For the first time in many years central banks are now net buyers of gold. The Central Bank of India recently purchased 400 tons of gold from the International Monetary Fund, nearly the entire amount the IMF can sell each year by law. China is also expanding their gold holdings as a hedge against a declining US dollar. Gold currently makes up a tiny fraction of China’s reserves and they would have to increase their holdings by more than 700% (8,200 tons) in order to catch up with the USA. Chinese citizens are buying physical gold and silver in massive quantities since the government opened the market up in 2003. Indians, the world’s largest consumers of gold, continue to buy up massive amounts of the metal in the form of jewelry and bullion.

Why Physical?

As the saying goes, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” There are many ways to invest in bullion but buying physical is still the safest and most reliable way to invest in gold. When you buy proxy investments such as ETF’s, trust units or certificates, you expose yourself to counterparty risk. You receive a claim on an unallocated amount of gold and are depending on whoever is running the investment vehicle to actually have the bullion, as well as not have any liens against it.

Furthermore, investment in precious metals trusts and funds brings along a laundry list of redemption and delivery expenses, including the handling of the notice of redemption, the delivery of the physical bullion for units that are being redeemed and the applicable gold storage in-and-out fees, and subject to certain minimum redemption amounts. This can make ownership of a trust or fund much more expensive than simply buying and storing the metal yourself!

The safest way to invest in metals is to always take delivery and that’s what we recommend here at Maple Leaf Metals Exchange. We provide flat rate shipping to anywhere in Canada and, as always, deal with the strictest confidentiality. Additionally, for a monthly fee, Maple Leaf Metals Exchange will safeguard your bullion in private, armored vaults throughout Canada.

Billionaires and working people alike can find value in gold. The metal is exceedingly scarce, with the entire worlds above ground stock being able to form a cube only 20 meters on each side. Annual mine production has also been declining in recent years. Gold has no nationality and trades on exchanges worldwide. Its value can be relied upon wherever you are. - Jim Rogers

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